Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas At The Hotel

It was like a scene from a movie...lots of kids...lots of chaos...all with the desire to just relax. "Grampafornia" as he is known to our kids (Jon's Dad who lives in California) invited the clan up to a Salt Lake hotel for Christmas.
We all spent Christmas Eve and Morning together, with Christmas Day being started in a conference style room. The kids opened presents, and were ready to move on after 30 minutes of playing. The highlights were the elevator with glass walls on the outside of the hotel, the swimming pool, and the free cookies after 8:00pm. After the kids were asleep, Mom and Dad went up one floor to the "adults" conversation. We used a simple baby monitor system to "watch" our kids one floor below. It worked famously.
As Christmas is a season of giving, we all received in equal portions, flu-like symptoms and more. Most of us who were there ended up throwing up, visiting the bathroom more often than not, or beginning a sniffeling routine. Jon ended up with strep throat, pink eye, a fever, and a killer sore throat. Janelle managed to miss a lot of it, but did get a sick stomach day 2. We're greatful for family, and greatful to be done with the holiday excitement for another year.


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